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What will you get?

Sue's Story

Sue, a young woman just starting her office career, spent time to become more aware of her strengths and her values.  She felt increased confidence to bring more of her own personality into her work in a positive way. Her interactions with others were more relaxed and more productive.  She had energy left over at the end of the day.

Coaching helps you get unstuck - to get started. 
You understand what it means to be Clear and Present.  Be free from obstructions.  Free from blame.  Free from confusion and from limitations.  Free from doubt and uncertainty.  Be Clear and Present...and have more energy.

I act as a catalyst for conscious choice, courage and change.  Wiser choices and actions will open your leadership, career and personal life to an expanded range of possibilities that delight you - and allow you to make a positive difference.


You will grow in your ability to:

Rob's Story

Rob, on the verge of becoming a cynic in his environmental work, important as that work is to the community, discovered to his amazement that it wasn’t the work that was stuck. It was him.  He faced questions he had been avoiding, re-connected with meaning in his work, and enjoyed bringing forward his innovative ideas again.

·      Take charge of your choices – get off auto pilot

·      Serve your deepest values – generate happiness and energy  

·      Learn to love the unknown - live on the edge with ease

·      Trust in your own wisdom –  integrate heart, mind and spirit

·      Give your talents and virtues - practice clean intention 

·      Ask questions that engage others – create positive outcomes 

·      Grant greatness to others - offer space and grace