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My Work with You

Kelly's Story

Kelly, an administrator in the demanding health care world, found that simply keeping her intent on learning helped her listen more deeply and ask questions that brought more ease and better decisions into the day to day issues with others.

My work with you is unique and effective

Holding the Questions for You

  • I've used the same 3 questions for over 25 years to create the context for others to bring their best selves forward: What’s your intent? Who’s in charge of you?  and What are you creating?  These questions help you grow capacity to be Clear and Present no matter what you're facing.  
  • There are a many ways for you to experience how these (and other) questions relate to your situations.  We explore how to expand your possibilities. 
  • You'll soon celebrate a little discomfort as the breakthrough to your new learning.  I act as the catalyst for you to create a better future for yourself and those you care about.

Transferable Capacities - See bigger, Act deeper

  • The capacities you can develop through our work are transferable to any aspect of your life.  Compassion, passion, courage and care are needed everywhere you go.  
  • You will be able to access your creativity and help others do the same.  
  • You major life transitions, such as retirement, will be better supported as you grow these capacities.  
  • You may find that you see new opportunities. You will have a different way of being and it can bring you joy.

Shared Leadership Practices

  • I believe in shared leadership and coach for this capacity where appropriate. Today’s global/local mix of challenges brings leaders to a new frontier:  the need for shared leadership practices.  
  • This means you are a person with the confidence, skills and mindset needed to improve effective collaboration and a collective belief in a positive future.  My experience in guiding teams to learn these renewal-giving practices can help you bring shared leadership into your personal and work experiences.  
  • Our work world is too interconnected and complex not to be using these practices to generate more possibilities for meaningful success.  When people are engaged in and accountable for positive collaboration their energy and commitment are renewed.  This continues to be true for those on their retirement transition journey.  

Team Effectiveness Practices

  • I've coached intact teams and individuals who want to grow their confidence in collaboration skills.  By using  hands on examples from everyday teamwork you will soon discover new ways to interact with others that generate creativity, collaboration and team success.
  • You'll learn how to use a debriefing guide that helps you assess where the current learning point is for a team and what skills need practice to improve effectiveness.