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Coaching and Workshops

Leadership, Career and Personal Coaching

  • I offer fierce, elegant and compassionate support for those wanting a transformational shift in heart and mind and the renewed energy, creativity, valued results and happiness that come with it.  
  • We'll design a mix of in-person, phone/Skype and email sessions to meet your needs.
  • the Advance Reflections guidelines will help you focus so you come into the session ready and willing.  Your sessions are always connected to specific outcomes meaningful to you. 

Team Coaching 

  • A few sessions of team coaching can  give your team the opportunity to 'learn live'.  Everyone easily becomes comfortable learning how to have conversations together about what's really happening that supports the team's brilliance and what creates distraction and drains away the team's energy. 
  • The Team Effectiveness Practices guide helps your team use debriefing discussions to grow a great team.  Team members learn collaboration skills at the same time as the team increases creativity and accountability.  
Retirement Planning Workshops 
  • I facilitate Retirement Planning workshops for groups of 12 to 70 participants – either as in-house groups or for participants from a common industry.   
  • These workshops help participants gain perspective on the transition journey, know what questions they have to ask and what resources they need to access.  
  • I encourage participants to see themselves as ‘their own project’, to use the workshop to organize a game plan with a whole life perspective and action steps they can take right away. 
Retirement Transition Coaching for Individuals and Couples  
  • As a coach, I create a safe, open context for exploring retirement questions.  I use a whole life planning model and stimulate curiosity, active research and personal reflection about retirement as a major life transition.  Within a few months a shift of perspective and increased confidence is possible.  
  • I guide you to integrate what brings you (or brought you) a sense of accomplishment at work into meaningful steps for engagement and contributions in your next life stage. 
  • I have always demonstrated a common purpose in my work:  support the opening for each person’s next best step.  In retirement transition planning your next best step can come many years before you actually retire.