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Clear and Present

It takes time to become Clear and Present. Be patient with yourself - and others.  Give yourself the practice you need to centre, crystallize your actions, and act with compassion, strength, focus and right intent.  Be a person who brings light into the world around you. 

Light = feeling alive, creative, happy, innovative, grateful and caring.  My work with you can be a significant step to bring your best self forward.

Clear Day Everywhere on the Planet 

Les' Story

Les, a construction manager, learned the benefits of anchoring himself in his strongly held values ‘to be of service’ in the face of belligerent clients rather than getting hooked into destructive verbal battles.  He could remain present while the client’s rant ran down and the space cleared for more productive discussions.

This is a real picture of a Clear Day everywhere on the planet.  It took 9 years and 2000 pictures to create the Clear Day picture of our whole planet in full light.  This picture,  (given to me by the client whose job it was to take these pictures), hangs in my office to remind me that it takes many many small steps over time to become Clear and Present.  It’s a worthwhile journey.

A Clear and Present person contributes wholeheartedly to work, personal, and family life with ease, playfulness and grace.  Plus, you will create results that will amaze and surprise you!


Whether you are in a formal leadership role or not, your capacity to be Clear and Present always influences what gets created.  Do this work for yourself and you will be a person others respect.  Others will want to be with you and want to cooperate with you.