Diana Cawood, M.Sc.  Clear Day Coach, Certified Retirement Coach, Educator, Workplace Consultant 

Leadership Transformation, Life Transitions, and Work/Life Joy
I've been teaching for UBC’s Sauder School of Business and Continuing Studies,

co-facilitated international events, and helped grow talent and teams in

many different client companies for 2+ years.  The experience I've gained helps me

help you when you're thinking about a major life transition, such as retirement.  

 My Background   

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth, always a high achiever, found her confidence as a newly appointed team leader and gained cooperation from her team when she began to pay attention to what was happening for each team member in the moment rather that be obsessed with her mental ‘to do’ list. To her surprise she also had more energy through the day.

What will you get?

  • A shift in mind and heart that generates energy and happiness
  • Courage to take steps that create a more positive future 
  • Personal presence that generates respect & willingness from others 
  • Freedom from needing to be perfect
  • More choices and the wisdom to choose the better choices
  • Confidence in shared leadership practices 
  • Confidence in collaboration skills for vibrant, creative teamwork
  • Sustained results that serve the bigger picture  

    What I offer you includes:

Leadership, Career and Personal Coaching

Team Coaching

Retirement Planning Workshops 

Retirement Transition Coaching 

My Work with You

My work with you helps you pay attention moment to moment. 
Grow your capacity to face change with grace, an unshakable buoyancy of spirit,
and a belief in what's possible for you and for others,
plus the capacity to be clear and present no matter what's in front of you.
Clear and Present